quarta-feira, janeiro 13

Sons of the Web

There's this issue I want to talk about in this early '10 ...

As a video lover I'm always looking for new bodyboarding videos and it's outstanding the amount of clips we get these days...Is the movie industry as we know it doomed? Is DVD an "old school" item? Is Internet the future of the movie industry? My guess is yes...but for filmmakers's sak€ I hope I'm wrong...In late December I ran into this interview with one of the most remarkable sports filmmakers Mike McEntire from Mack Dawg Productions. When asked about this very same subject he states “Any industry that relies on a digital master and makes copies of it to make money dies by the Internet,” “It doesn’t matter what you do, if it’s a digital item that you can put on a computer and send it around then that’s exactly what they do.”

I cannot be against Internet, since I belong to the new generation of filmmakers and if there was no www I wouldn't be making movies...but still I wonder:
How can someone get som€thing out of this?

Thank God I love what I do...

terça-feira, janeiro 5

It's coming...

Respect Bodyboards the Series, featuring Respect Team Riders and lots of places...

You can follow everything through out the channel www.vimeo.com/channels/respect
First episode may arrive anytime now...
Meanwhile here's a little teaser...

quinta-feira, dezembro 31

Man or Mouse? rocks!

I just got an email from Rick Barber telling me I forgot to write the name of the band in the video (wich was our deal) released some weeks ago.
My sincere apologies for that! I also would like to thank Man or Mouse? for their flawless cooperation with my work.

Man or Mouse? - Do or Die (The Learning Curve album)

segunda-feira, dezembro 28

The Mindless project

Lots of people ask me "What's up with Mindless?" therefore this post aims to answer this question straight and clear.

Mindless was a project about searching new waves and record that same search in video or photo or whatever we could.
Mindless started in 2006 and since then the search was growing and some shity spots were found, but a hell of good ones aswel.
Sometime ago, I've decided I was gonna dedicate myself into filmmaking, trading the bodyboard for an HD camera and the fins for a tripod, so the Humberto Silva project was born!
Mindless marks one of the best times of my life but as the Mindless concept was starting to change, I had to change too.
You'll never understand how I miss those days...

sexta-feira, dezembro 25


I've recently found this website (still in Beta version) wich allows you to have almost everything you own on the Internet in the same place...wich means you can follow everything from there!
So go ahead and start visiting this page cause it's really cool!

quinta-feira, dezembro 24

ho ho ho!

Just wish you all a super x-mas and an amazing time!

sexta-feira, dezembro 18

We Love lost pits

Don't we?